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Kirstie Williams is a practising artist and printmaker. She regularly shows and sells her work at local fairs and exhibitions as well as online. She currently works as the Maker Spaces Manager at The Art House in Wakefield as well as being a tutor and course administrator at Leeds Print Workshop.

She gained an MA in Textile Design from Chelsea College of Art in 2010 and completed a PGCE for Further and Higher Education in 2014. Sustainability plays a strong role in her design process and she explores Slow Design philosophies through making, emphasising slowness in the creation and consumption of products to instill quality and foster traditions.

Mills in Colour Exhibition

25th January - 13th April 2024
The Art House, Wakefield

Mills in Colour explores Wakefield’s rich textile history through the use of natural dyes and printing pastes.

Over 6 months I worked on a research and development project experimenting with the use of natural colour and plant-based printing inks whilst exploring imagery of Wakefield’s textile mill heritage. The project explores sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to screen printing inks, whilst raising awareness of the many lost or repurposed mills across the Wakefield area.

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