Fabric Plant Pot / Storage Bag

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Fabric Plant Pot / Storage Bag

Brighten up your plants with a fabric planter! Place them on your windowsill, shelf, desk or anywhere else to add a bit of fun and colour.
(Also great as a small storage pot if house plants aren’t your thing!)

These are made from a heavy cotton drill with a denim lining so they are sturdy and stand up on their own.

Plants should be kept in their original pot placed inside and will need a saucer or small tray in the bottom to keep the bag nice and dry.
Fabric plant pots can be sponged down to clean them.

Size with the top folded down;
14cm (W) x 16cm (H)

Comes in three different print designs; triangles, semi-circles or rectangles.

Please note that the plant and plant pot is not included!


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